InIIn these paintings I have been exploring the moods of the skies at different times of day and weather. My purpose is to try to convey my reactions to what I see and try to pass on the feelings. 

Here are some smaller paintings

Images 26x26cm £280 Framed £350

hlandscapes I have been trying to feel my way into -click here to add your own text.

 Fidra glow 26x26cm unframed 47x47cm framed £350

Path to traprain  47x47 framed watercolour £350                             

High St Dunkeld

 Dunkeld 28x35cm watercolour unframed £180                             

Light over East Lothian fields image 26cmx26cm

framed £350 Unframed £280                          

between the oaks, Birnam

Birnham wood  47x47 framed watercolour £350                             


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