Sheena Phillips

Light in the landscape 

In these paintings I have been exploring the moods of the skies at different times of day and weather.      My purpose is to try to convey my reactions to what I see and to pass on the feelings. 

 Fidra glow 26x26cm unframed 47x47cm framed 

Light over East Lothian fields image 26cmx26cm


 Burn through Birnham  28x35cm watercolour framed   

Available from the Athol Gallery, Dunkeld                           

The Bass Rock, soft day 40x40cm

Birnham wood  47x47 framed watercolour                             

Loch Faskaky landing stage  Framed watercolour 40 x 40cm


Path to traprain  47x47 framed watercolour    Sold                        

Evening Port Seton Harbour, East Lothian Sold

On loch Faskally, Perthshire 50 x 50cm Framed watercolour

Sold through the Athol Gallery, Dunkeld,  Sold