Atmospheric landscapes connecting feelings to memories

After many years of painting and exhibiting in galleries I realised that what I loved most were skies.  They set the mood of the painting.  The colour of the land is changed by them. Sun streaming through clouds can light up the fields changing the land into a different patchwork of shapes in the blink of an eye. add your own text.

Sheena Phillilps

Strange Light after the storm   74x54cm framed watercolour  £650                    

Sheena Phillips

Traprain Spring   74x54cm framed watercolour £650                         

Sheena Phillips

Evening Arran    54x37cm unframed watercolour £500                        

Sheena Phillips

Reflected sky. 48x37cm unframed  watercolour £500                              

                                                             Sheena Phillips

From the Lamermuirs to the Firth 45x37cm unframed  £500

 Sheena Phillips

Autumn Lamermuirs 40x37cm unframed £500

 Sheena Phillips

Light in the hills Benn Eighe 54x37cm watercolour Unframed £550

Light along the Forth 54x36 £500, framed 74x56£650             SOLD

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